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Otros Plantas Disponible para Expoterraria Madrid

Pre-orders have 10% off, pre-payment needed.
We have very limited numbers of some species.
We might take a few more plants to the show but cant predict right now.
If you are looking for any plant and photo is not listed please comment the specie and i will submit photo.
1x Aphelandra aff scabra 40€
1x Asplenium aff daucifolium 30€
1x Asplenium aff nidus 20€
2x Begonia Dodsonii 30€
4x Begonia Segregata 15€
3x Begonia Red Star 5€
1x Dicranopygium aff cuatrecasianum 45€
1x Elaphoglossum aff apodum 20€
2x Elaphoglossum glabellum 30€
1x Elaphoglossum paleaceum 20€
3x Episcia Pink Panther 5€
1x Ficus colombia 5€
1x Ficus quercifolia 5€
1x Ficus villosa 10€
1x Geogenanthus ciliatus 30€
1x Geogenanthus poepiggi 30€
1x Humata heterophylla 20€
3x Hymenophyllum aff dentatum (filmy fern) 30€
1x Marcgravia aff sintenisii #B 40€
2x Marcgravia sp. Bronze "Tena" 40€
2x Marcgravia Umbellata "Dark Form" 30€
1x Marcgravia sp. el coca 70€
3x Marcgravia sp. "narrow leaves" 40€
3x Marcgravia Sintenisii 15€
2x Marcgravia sp "El condor" 40€
2x Marcgravia sp. #A 30€
1x Marcgravia sp. Macas 40€
1x Microgramma nitida 8€
1x Microgramma sp Guatemala 15€
1x Pearcea Hypocyrtiflora 15€
1x Pearcea sprucei 20€
1x Peperomia metallica #A 25€
1x Peperomia metallica #B 25€
2x Peperomia aff caperata 10€
1x Piper aff ulceratum 30€
1x Selaginella aff sericea metallica 25€
2x Selaginella sp Costa Rica 7€
1x Selaginella Umbrosa 15€
5x Selaginella uncinata 10€
3x Solanum aff uleanum 10€
2x Sphyrospermum Buxifolium 20€
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  • geogenanthus ciliatus.png
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  • elaphoglossum glabellum.png
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