aspidites ramsayi/ antaresia sp


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Sorry for writing in english but im still learning spanish
I am wondering about laws on keeping reptiles in Spain .
I live in Torrevijea and are there any local law restrictions on reptiles?

I would love to start keeping Aspidites ramsayi again . my all time favorite python :)


Perdón por escribir en inglés pero aún estoy aprendiendo español.

Me preguntaba sobre las leyes de tenencia de reptiles en España.

Vivo en Torrevieja, ¿hay alguna restricción local sobre mantener reptiles?

Me encantaría volver a tener Aspidites ramsayi de nuevo, mi pitón favorita de siempre :)
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Currently, and as far as I know, you should be able to keep it provided they have the proper documentation.

However, the future doesn't look good in this country and the government could make them illegal at any time. This happened with Python regius some days ago.

If you want to know more, please take a look at this site and consider making a donation:



Actualmente y hasta donde sé, deberías ser capaz de mantenerlas siempre y cuando tengan su documentación adecuada.

Sin embargo el futuro no pinta bien en este país y el gobierno podría hacerlas ilegales en cualquier momento. Esto ocurrió hace unos días con Python regius.

Si quieres saber más, por favor echa un vistazo a este sitio y considera donar a la causa:



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Thank you for information .
I am sad to hear this news . i am from Norway and they ended the ban on keeping reptiles a few years ago .
They made a positive list of species allowed to keep but there was several animal protection groups trying to stop it but they failed luckly
the goverment listened to the experts instead of false propeganda some of these groups give out

i sent a small donation i hope that will help abit